Saturday, 21 January 2012

you only get one life..

I don't really know where this wave of positivity has come from, but I certainly aint complaining! Its nice to wake up and feel excited for the day, for the future, and for the challenges each day is going to bring. Because every day does bring challenges, I guess it's how you deal with them that determines how the rest of the day will turn out, I mean, you can spend your days feeling sorry for yourself and walloing in your illness, or you can wake up, set yourself challenges and embrace life, and thats what I'm trying to do. Im trying to be more positive in general, yeah things are tough, sometimes they're bloody awful, but positivity never hurt anyone did it? I think if i'm forever sulking around being grumpy and depressed it can have a negative effect on those around me, so yeah, I'm not saying everythings brilliant and im better, because thats not true, but I am going to start being more positive and enjoy life more, you only get one life, and god knows it can be taken from you so quickly. so my motto for the day? Push yourself, have fun, and embrace life!

love, Hope xxx

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