Saturday, 14 January 2012

I wish I could save you.

Ever get that feeling where you just feel so hopeless for someone? See the thing is I dont want to feel hopeless for her, but nobody has helped her, nobody is helping her, and i'm scared. Im scared im going to lose another best friend, I can see how damaged you are, from the things you have been through, the trauma and pain that heartless creep has caused you, anorexia has you in its clutches, but its not that thats scaring me the most, its the amount of pain and distress you have inside that no one is doing anything about. I know you're getting help for the anorexia, which im so glad about, but theres so much more in that head of yours that they aren't acknowlegeding, and im petrified that if they dont, you wont be able to cope with it on the outside, im scared you're going to leave us. Its becoming more and more likely and I WANT to see you get well and make a life for yourself, we all do, we love you so much, we dont want to lose you, but you need special help for the trauma you have suffered, and no one seems to be willing to give you it... I wish I could, i wish i had a magic wand that could take it all away but I dont. I cant bare to lose you, I cant, but we're running out of options... and if you continue to o'd the way you have, your frail body won't be able to handle it... Someone has to save you, please, i love you so so much, I dont want you to die... Please God, help me save her. I have to do all I can to save you, I dont care what it takes, we have to do something. I love you xxxxxxx

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  1. i think this place could save her...

    either acorn or naomi?

    x xx