Monday, 2 January 2012

hullo there

Well today hasn't been great, simply because ive been working and im soo unhappy in my job. I haven't been happy there for months now and its just seemed to get worse over time, i always leave feeling so down and tired. I had to fight through a 9 hour shift today so i am absolutely shattered. My manager is horrible, so nasty to me, its boring,repetitive and tiring and I just dont enjoy it one bit. I have been looking for something else but as everyone knows its very tough at the moment. I just feel so trapped and its not helping with my mood issues. I guess I'll just have to fight through it until i find something else.
I have pretty much no self esteem so being rejected for job after job really doesn't help!
Im off tomorrow though which is a lovely thought, im going to a posh hotel in the afternoon for snack with my best friend so I know I have something to look forward to which always helps...
love Hope xxx


  1. see you tomorrow beautiful.

  2. (((hugs)))

    Find joy in the little things. The customers you help. The way you make everything sparkle when you clean it. Smile at everyone, even if you don't mean it. They will smile back, sense your mood and give back.
    Picture the manager naked or in ugly clothes or bald or with purple spots-whatever it takes to get through the day. He/she must be a sad and lonely prson inside to be mean to you..

    Eventually, you will find a job you like better. Remember, your job DOES NOT define you.

    You, having fun with your friends, your smile.. That's more you.

    A job is a means to an end (money to pay the bills). That's all.

    It seems like a mountain--but I am (I am guessing) much older than use my wisdom. It might be hard-but Mountains are climbed by putting one foot in front of the other..hang on and keep going.