Tuesday, 10 April 2012

so my body decided to give up on me..

Well as anyone who reads this blog knows, I ended up in hospital on wednesday night, but got out later that night after an overdose. I got rushed back in on friday, I was doubled over screaming in pain so my mum called nhs 24 and they got me an appt with out of hour gp on friday evening.. I knew as soon as he looked at me what he was going to say.. "you need to go to a&e NOW"
So off I went, AGAIN, to a&e. Sent straight to high dependecy unit. Turns out that because of the overdose my stomach had ruptured and I've damaged all the lining, they thought I may have been bleeding from the inside, but luckily not. So I spent my weekend in hospital hooked up to drips, doped up on medication and pain killers. It was horrible, the pain rippled through my body, and yes it was incredibly boring. Although luckily I got a room to myself which helped as the ward was full of people throwing up/screaming and all sorts. The first night I was in combined assessment and I didn't get one hours sleep, there was a man going absolutely crazy screaming and shouting and throwing things at the nurses all night, and on top of that my blood pressure was very low (apparantly due to ED) so nurses were coming in every hour doing my obs and pumping me full of more medicines!
They moved me to another ward for the second night although I was kept on close observation because my bp was still low and sodium & pottasium levels were 'dangerously low'.
I was in for 2 nights and 3 days in total, very boring, but a few of my AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL best friends came to see me and cheered me up :) I don't lie when I say my friends are the best, I am one lucky girl, and I'm gona make them proud.. xx