Thursday, 8 March 2012

im struggling to find the words to say how I feel, so heres a few pictures that kind of cover it


  1. I love the little apple picture, I know how you feel sweetie, I really do, I feel similar at the moment. I got stuck on a bench the other day for hours because I had nowhere to go and if I move I would have eaten and I freaked and sat on a bench, frozen, for hours, I think 3. Then I wanted to take all the contents of my bathroom cupboard but opted instead for the three packs of senna. yum yum. will it ever end? we have to keep hoping so, hold on, go see jo or talk to her, get a hug, watch a movie. love you munchkin xxx

  2. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Please know that, despite your struggles, there are MANY people that love and care about you who want to be there to support you!!! Stay happy and positive.

    P.s. praying always helps me