Sunday, 19 February 2012

laughter, shopping, catching up & gossiping - an amazing weekend

I have had such a fantastic weekend, and thought I'd update you all on my latest shananigans!

I went up to see one of my close friends in Aberdeen who's in Robert Gordon University up there, for the weekend. I got the bus up - 3 hour journey actually wasnt that bad! It was so good to see her it's been so long! And quite ironcally actually she's studying nutrition and dietetics - which is quite funny considering me & my y'know, issues. But yeah so I stayed with her for the weekend, she's living in the uni halls with 7 other girls, and honestly it was so much fun, they're all so lovely & friendly! Some of the things they get up to just make me wana go to uni even more, they have so much fun! It was snowing on the saturday night, and a few of the guys from the flat opposite went outside and had a snowball fight - with their tops off! One of the girls, Jess, came home at 4 this morning after being out clubbing - she was absolutely paraletic & kept telling us she loved us all and that she had pulled 3 guys in the one night!

We done LOTS of shopping, and I mean LOTS, I dont think ive ever felt as tired as I did when we got home on saturday! It was also so good to be around lots of girls who dont give a shit about their weight and dont talk about that sort of stuff, they're just normal, happy girls - thats what i wana be like! We sat on saturday night and watched every episode of the inbetweeners, didnt get to bed till the back of 1 because we were sitting chatting and giggling all night!

I cannot wait to go to university - thats definitely one of my goals to get better for!
anyways, hope you lovelys are all doing good,

much love

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